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About Kratzer Environmental Services

Kratzer Environmental Services is a small company located in Hunterdon County, NJ.


It provides quality, professional environmental consulting services at an attractive cost, specializing in assistance to non-profit environmental organizations, environmental commissions, municipalities and government agencies. Deborah Kratzer, KES president, has 27 years of experience in the environmental field; including work for governmental and non-profit organizations.


Need help developing an environmental resource inventory or natural resource inventory? ... analyzing GIS data or creating one or many GIS maps? ... with surface or ground water monitoring design and /or data management and interpretation? ... writing a grant proposal? ... analyzing and presenting data for a technical or lay audience, printed or on the web?


Contact Kratzer Environmental Services for professional consultation.


References and vitae available upon request.



Environmental and Natural Resource Inventories

Kratzer Environmental specializes in environmental and natural resource inventories. These reports provide comprehensive coverage of a township's environment, providing an inventory of what is currently known about the physical and biological environment and the human influence on the environment. The extensive use of GIS maps aids visualization of the distribution and inter-relationships of resources.

  • West Cape May Borough ERI, Cape May County, NJ (2018)
  • Frenchtown Borough ERI, Hunterdon County, NJ (2018)
  • Oakland Borough NRI, Bergen County, NJ (2014)
  • North Brunswick ERI, Middlesex County, NJ (2014)
  • Hamilton Township Vernal Pool Survey, Mercer County, NJ (2013)
  • Horseshoe Bend Park NRI, Hunterdon County, NJ (2013)
  • Highland Park ERI, Middlesex County, NJ (2012)
  • Bedminster Township NRI, Somerset County, NJ (2010)
  • Tewksbury Township ERI, Hunterdon County, NJ (2009)
  • Holland Township NRI, Hunterdon County, NJ (2007)
  • Kingwood Township ERI, Hunterdon County, NJ (2004 and update 2009)



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